18 Wickedly Creative Brochure Designs

Stuck in a rut trying to design that brochure that will stand out from the boring norm? Try playing with unique folds, die-cut shapes and eye-opening colors. But don’t get too crazy or you might forget the marketing basics of designing and printing brochures – make sure they’re still portable and not too bulky to keep. Listed below are some really creative ideas for your next brochure project.

Tip: A good place to try out when printing your custom brochures is PrintPlace.com. I’ve been getting a lot of rave reviews about the amazing quality of their products and their very economical rates.

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  1. Vasu says:

    great reference thanks

  2. LadyO says:

    I must be missing something….I’ve looked through so many posts and so many of them are not showing me any links or clickthroughs to their titles…. for example, this page… 18 Wickedly Creative Brochure Designs…..where are the 18? It’s escaping me, I can’t find it…help!

    • Kristina says:

      Hi Lady0! We’re still in the process of recovering our images due to a malware attack on our site early this year. Stay tuned as we shall have everything back up and running real soon!

  3. Thanks a lot for the great tips – and for the printer recommendation. Much appreciated.

  4. Alejandero says:

    These are awesome designs! I’m looking for some brochure templates made in Photoshop. With Google i can only find so called “photoshop resource” sites. I havent found any template sites which provides completely editable photoshop brochures. Anyone any idea? It would be helpfull, not that i’m lazy, need to have any clue before making something.

  5. Alejandero says:

    I’ve found one, http://www.template55.com they have some nice brochure templates, if you guys know another one, it would be appreciated, thnx anyway.

  6. tifanipalupi says:

    how great that brochure
    simple and creative

  7. Ariyorh says:

    inspiring website!

  8. laser cutter says:

    Really wicked creative designs of the brochure designs i like,totally creative and well presented as blog…

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