19 Inspiring Colorful Poster Illustrations

Now that we’re in the middle of yet another busy workweek, we know how your energies start dwindling down to a monotone. Here is a list we put together of really inspiring color posters to lively up the remainder of your week.

There’s no question that the skill required for eye-catching poster illustrations can impress viewers. But in spite of all the technology available to us today and through the test of time, there’s still no denying that the right punch of color is the ultimate step to an effective poster campaign as can be seen with the collection of colorful posters below.

And as always, if you happen to know of a really cool color poster design online, feel free to add them to the list. You may click on the links to view the other works of the talented designers responsible for these remarkable works of modern art. Enjoy folks!

Michael Sycz

Rob Rusch

Red Pyramid

Scott Rhodes

Emeric Trahand

Archan Nair

Rubens LP

Kristina Miletieva




Laura Alejo

Go Media






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