30 Interesting Brochure Layout Ideas

You’ve taken the photos, written the content, and chosen the graphics. Now you just need to put it all together to create a masterpiece brochure printing design. Gotten stale with your layouts? Looking for new brochure layout ideas that will kick your creative juices into gear? Below is a list of some very interesting, intriguing, unique, and just plain beautiful brochure layouts that are sure to inspire you to new heights.

Wine Brochure Layout

dvGreen Brochure

Bina Brochure Layout

3rock Corporate Brochure

Leaf Brochure Layout

Graphic Real Estate Agent Newsletter

Little Skool House Brochure Layout

Curious Minds Brochure Layout

Elegant Winery Brochure Layout

Graphic Water Company Brochure

Hardware Store Brochure

St. Patrick’s Festival Brochure

Networking Brochure

Hand Brochure Layout

Brochure in a Box Layout

Map Brochure Layout

Entre Elles Brochure Layout

Swatch Brochure Layout

Hybrid Brochure Layout

Vertex Climbing Store Brochure

Pioneer Brochure Layout

Ozlab Brochure Layout

Museum Exhibit Brochure Layout

Avante Garde Gothic Typeface Booklet/Brochure

Tessuto Fashion Brochure

Scuola Materna Brochure

Buen Amigo Brochure Layout

Versace Eye Glasses Brochure

Pink and White Zipper Brochure

Converse Brochure Layout

10 Responses to “30 Interesting Brochure Layout Ideas”

  1. Dima says:

    the converse one and the leaf brochure are pretty badass =]

  2. felix says:

    I was wondering about the Networking Brochure. I would like to attribute the artist for creative inspiration. Would you know the agency/artist ?


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  4. Dear Sir or Madam,

    We have seen some copy of brochures of organizations, and we wish to inquire if it is possible to design our organization brochure?

  5. Very interesting idea!

  6. idee says:

    Very nice brochurs

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  8. Lin Htoo Aung says:

    Amazing Design! Creative ideas !

  9. Gloria says:

    WOW! Awesome layouts..I too like the leaf and converse designs!

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