How To Optimize Your Print-Based Portfolio

Print portfolios are not dead. While an online portfolio certainly is extremely important in today’s digital age, a print portfolio is still equally important for showing that you know how to design for a project that will be sent to an online printing company. Many clients know that there is a difference between a web designer and a print designer, so you will often need to prove your knowledge of what a print design needs to look great on paper.
One of the best articles on the web on this subject of print portfolios you can find onĀ In this article, the author givesĀ 7 tips on how to make a print-based design portfolio. You should definitely drop by the site and give the article a read, as it goes into great depth about what exactly you need to make your printed portfolio look amazing. Or you can just read this infographic that created based on the Nubbytwiglet article. It incorporates all 7 tips and a summary of each into a single, fantastically-designed document that you can easily skim in just a couple minutes. Give it a look and then feel free to embed the infographic onto your own site for your readers to enjoy!
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7 Tips For A Print-Based Portfolio

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